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Accelerated Math

In Accelerated Math, we will be using a fifth (for 4th grade) and sixth (for 5th grade) curriculum.  Our enVision Math program offers a lot of technology components that can be accessed from home as well as school.  I encourage you all to go to to check it out.  Students (and parents) can access our textbook online as well as videos of mini-tutorials for each lesson.  These can be extremely helpful for homework help.  It's a great resource that I hope everyone takes advantage of.  We will also be working on various projects throughout the year, such as converting the dimensions of some of the largest sandcastles in the world to comparing the tallest coniferous trees in the United States.  Enrichment materials are also provided along with many fun brain teasers!

Grade 4 Accelerated Math Google Classroom

Grade 5 Accelerated Math Google Classroom