• The IMC is open during Study Hall to work on homework, to read and study. The time can also be used to utilize the maker area, as well as the Lego wall, as long as all student work is up to date. 


  • Library Operating Hours: 7:45 - 8 AM, Study Halls, and 2:40-2:55PM
    To get a pass for study time on the current day:
    -  Before school starts, come in early to sign up for a pass (before the first bell rings)
    -  During School Hours: Have a signed teacher note before Study Hall begins
    To get a pass for the next day:
    -  After school ends: Stop in after last bell to receive pass
    To use your pass: 
    - After showing the pass to your Study hall teacher and signing out, come to the IMC and work on homework, read, study, use the maker space, LEGO wall and more!