• Mr. Joshua Rockland: MJS Art Teacher, gr. 6-8

    973 515 2427    joshua.rockland@htboe.org

    Dear Students and Families:

    I am thrilled for my sixth year as MJS’s Art teacher! I am a lifelong Morristown resident with a BFA in Painting from Rutgers and Master's in Art Education from Montclair state. I am also a father and artist who loves travel, hiking and reading.

    Students will spend this year completing dynamic Art projects and virtual Art enrichment activities and the 2022 MJS Spring Art Show will take place in May. Please scroll down to find information on grading, basic class rules and behavioral expectations, a photography homework assignment, and Art Club.

    Also, in both the MJS Art room and this webpage, one can find displays or slideshows of student art and key Art curricula such as the Art elements and principles, vocabulary, art movements, and an art history timeline. Click on the "i" in the upper left to see slideshow text.

    I believe in providing accessible lessons to foster a lifelong appreciation for art and aesthetics among all students.  By making and discussing art, children become more creative and articulate, traits that will boost their success in any career someday. I look forward to a productive year where creating and showcasing student artwork has a central place in the MJS community! 

    Warmly, Mr. Rockland


    Project Grading Percentages

    • Objectives 20% 
    • Neatness/ Craftsmanship 20%
    • Time Management 20%
    • Creativity/ Aesthetics 20%
    • Effort 20%.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Please view my detailed rubric on this site or see me if you would like a copy of your scored rubric to clarify a project grade you have received.

    Art Room Rules

    • Listen
    • Raise Your Hand
    • Stay in Your Seat
    • Respect Everyone

    Behavioral Expectations

    I strive to maintain a safe and positive Art classroom. I have your child’s welfare and best interests in mind and want to help them succeed in my class and life. I try to treat all students fairly and keep in mind that we are all human.

    At the same time, I try to discourage distractions and misbehavior. If a student displays improper behavior, I record a check. Examples include but are not limited to being out of their seat repeatedly, making and/or not cleaning a mess, using foul language, or throwing something. Egregious school rule violations could result in an automatic detention or referral.

    • 3 checks: lunch detention, checks reset to 0
    • 3 new checks: morning detention, checks reset to 0
    • VP referral

    I may not give out a check every time a rule is broken, but more if it appears that misbehavior is persistent. I cannot catch every single student action, but do my best. Also: if several students are exhibiting similar behavior-- for example talking while I am teaching-- but some appear to be doing so more egregiously or regularly, I will give a check fairly on a case by case basis. 


    Homework: Students have one Art homework assignment per year-- a photograph. Sixth graders take a photo of something from nature on their property; seventh graders take a photo of an item important to their family history; and 8th graders take a portrait. Please see the "Photography Homework" page instructions. Due: 1 week after assigned; 3 points off per class late.

    Supplies: Please bring a drawing pencil, eraser and ultra fine point black Sharpie daily if possible.  

    MCCEA Poster Contest: Each year, MJS students may enter educational theme based artwork. Winners are recognized at a HTBOE meeting and opening ceremony of the MCCEA Pride event at the Rockaway Mall, and featured on next year’s calendar. Details will be announced at school.


     Art Club: 20 Wednesdays 2:55-3:55

    • canvas painting, free drawing
    • welcoming & inclusive environment
    • print, return permission slip embedded in link at bottom of this page to attend


    • May 2022

    art show


    Art Club Character Ed. Themed Mural 

    Art Club